Real-Time Simulation

The slides resume Wake Impact Severity Assessment (WISA) Flight Simulation campaign conducted by EUROCONTROL in NLR's GRACE research simulator facility. One of the goals of the WISA campaign was to demonstrate the effect of reduced separations to airline pilots who will be experiencing RECAT-EU separation minima in the near future in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.  Pilots from Air France, EasyJet, Emirates and NetJets pilots attended WISA demo sessions and their feedback was particularly positive:
“Following the demonstration with the new separation standards, the pilots indicated that there is no reason why RECAT-EU should not be put in operations” - Air France
“The key message from the runs is that the wake severity for some types may increase but the safety margins remain higher than these experienced by smaller aircraft currently in the same category. These sim demonstrations are useful for crew awareness particularly in critical phases. “– Emirates 

“The evaluation seemed to be realistic both in terms of aircraft handling and Wake Vortex Encounter (WVE) behaviour. For the out of ground WVE behaviour, it was similar to a NetJets logged WVE with up to 60 degrees of bank during the event.” – NetJets

The following videos are extracted from the simulation runs where RECAT-EU scheme wake separations are applied. The scope of these runs was to demonstrate to ATCOs the feasibility of working with a 6 categories scheme.